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Mon Aug 07, 2017 · 302 words

Getting first job is difficult task for any newbie freelancer. After paying huge membership fees and bidding on 30-50 jobs they hardly get any response from client.

Actually 80% clients never give any chance to any newbie freelancer. So how you can get your first job?

Let analyse what are reasons behind

  1. Incomplete profile All talent marketplaces like freelancer , upwork etc insist to complete the profile , Profile information is necessary .
  2. Add experience details in profile , Where ever you worked , when you worked , what was your job profile . Mention it in profile page.
  3. Add portfolio , All marketplaces requires portfolio . Add screenshots of websites , apps , banners , icons , graphics created by you.
  4. Add educational Information with highest educational qualification details
  5. Add a tag-line . Most of the freelancing websites like freelancer , upwork ,peopleperhour ask for a tagline , which is brief description of your profile and your skills.
  6. Add a nice pic of your. Adding pic enhances your profile , It also aid in probability to get hired by any employer. Adding your own pic will proof your uniqueness in freelancing marketplaces.
  7. Add a hourly rate on your profile. Best hourly rate for any wordpress developer is $15 -$35 per hour.
  8. After completing the profile , The next step is bidding , I have created many videos about how to bid on freelancer.

Always write compact , informative and project related proposal . Never provide bulk of links. If client had ask to share the links . share top 5 project related work done by you.

Also do a healthy discussion with client. Get all instruction before accepting the offer, Also do your best to make client happy. Same client will hire you repeatedly if he likes your work.

Happy freelancing.

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