Best quality of upwork clients
Sat Mar 24, 2018 · 557 words

Upwork is a largest freelancing marketplace. Upwork offers wide range of jobs starting from $5. You can find clients from different part of the world , Freelancers greeting from different countries. We can say upwork is like a summation with all kind of people.

So it is difficult to check the authenticity of people or client. As freelancer you dont know who is behind the clients id . What kinda human is he. It is hard to analyse any person by the chat or by the way he talk. So i am sharing qualities of best employer of client. It will enable you in differentiating real and helpful clients and crap and dishonest clients.


All the above qualities are vary person to person . In my opinion Americans are best clients i ever worked with. Some NRIs ( Indians living in foreign ) are also good. Some Hindi Urdu speaking clients ( from India or Pakistan) living in UK or USA are very good in nature. They prefer to talk in Hindustani ( Hindi+ english + urdu mix) over skype. They will become your best friends. They pays well , even they will give you bonuses . They respect you and your talent. Almost all clients with whom i worked with were excellent. only 3-5% clients ( 10-15 out of 300+ clients ) are not very good in attitude.

Always respect your clients. They will respect you. Treat all clients on same priority . Never lie with them. Always be on time. If you are busy with any work. Request him to wait by explaining the issues also clearly mention the time slot in which you can work for them.

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