How to buy domain name?
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Buying domain name is the first step towards website creation. Domain name consist of nameofdomain.tld domain name you can choose any domain name and tld is .com , .net , .website , .ninga , .org , .in , .pk , .it , , and many others.

For buying domain you can go for these domain registrar . All registrar offers different prices for same domain . Once you register domain with any of these registrar your domain would be locked against your name and will remain with you till expiration . Usually domain like .com , .net , .org , .in are popular than others. Domain name represents your online identity , Like represents me Agni Kumar Shukla. If you google my name you will get my website in results. Here is full form of tld of domains Tld means Top Level Domain

Here are the best domain registrars.

  1. Godaddy is largest of all domain sellers.You can find .com domains from Rs99 to Rs 650. They offer various offer services like Hosting , Email hosting , VPS Servers , Private servers , Dedicated services.
  2. Bigrock is Indian registrar , You can pay offline via bank deposit. They also offer domains from Rs99 to thousands. Bigrock provides hosting services from Rs 59 per month. which is good for small shop owners or bloggers.
  3. Namecheap provides free domain name privacy service to protect you from spam. Namecheap only accepts credit card or debit card with International paying ability.
  4. 1&1 You can find cheapest domain here. They offer good hosting services too. But for Indian buyers i will not recommend this.
  5. is also a good provider.
  6. another good provider.

After buying domain you need to verify your email id and credit cards in the case if you used credit card to buy domain. Then you have to buy hosting for your website. You can start with smaller hosting packages. Hosting packages start with Rs 56 per month . Almost all registrar provides hosting services , Some offers hosting with free domain but with condition of buying hosting for at least 12 months.

Domain name is like online asset. You can make money by reselling the domains. many domains sold for millions of dollars , So select domain as per your interest and try to create a useful website and get AdSense approval . AdSense is the best way to generate revenue from website. You can get money for both domain and website. This business is called Website flipping , Website flipping is popular among domainers , But all depends on knowledge and luck.

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