Freelancing or Job?
Wed Apr 04, 2018 · 673 words

Enthusiasm for freelancing is mounting day by day. Due to good income and flexible timing , Indian youth are now charmed towards it. So i am posting this blog only for them.

Benefits of Job

Static working hours In full time jobs working hours are defined , You have to work 8-9 hours daily. You have to go office at fixed time .

Fixed holidays Some companies offers 5 holidays in a month including Sundays. Some offers 8 holiday per month including weekends. So you can enjoy whole day with your loved ones .

Financial protection Yes you read it write. Financial protection is the best thing , You are financially muscular if you are in job. You know that you have a stable income and you can plan your life style according to that.

Social Security In job you interact with real people by meeting them , You meet you colleagues every day , It enhance your social present in the society . Every one knows you very well . This help in all round personality development of you and your loved ones .

Insurance and support- As an employee with any reputed company , you get PF , health insurance , life insurance cover , some perks like flat , car or cab service. You know there is a huge organization who wil help you in your bad times. Also PF helps you in financial crisis . You have a health insurance which secure your family .

Now lets talk about cons of full time job.

Slow increment In job the rate of salary increment is merely 6% per year. Which is quite low .

Not a government job- Private jobs in India are unsecured. Many Indian companies hire manpower via 3rd party services. Job is not secured with this . Changing job within an year is common in India.

Fixed growth- You have to feed yourself with a regular fixed salary. If salary is good then no issues. But if you make below 25 thousand in Delhi , Then it is hard to survive with family.

So all these above reason forces a young youth to do freelance , Many are successful freelancers , While many are still struggling . When you start freelancing , First few things are very important.

Benefits of being a full time freelancer

Unlimited Salary- It is on your hard-work , You can make lacs per month. There is no limit in freelancing.

Flexible timings Many freelancer works for few days in a month . They are making much more than salaried persons. You can enjoy a good time with your friends , family and off course loved ones.

Getting International work experience Freelancing is the best way to get international experience , I worked with employers from 56+ countries .

Making Online friends Yes. This is the best way to make a huge number of online friends from different countries.

Cons of freelancing

So in my opinion , If you are below 25 year. You can do freelance , If you are successful freelancer then continue with it. If you are looking for permanent regular income then join any good company or government jobs.

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