I am Yuvrajsinh Jhala. I am a web developer. If you are on the look-out for a creative yet professional web developer that has all these three qualities to build your web space so it can stand out from the crowd, then I’m the right person.

A proficient web developer who has been working since August 2010, I am confident to say that not only have I managed to build some great websites and web applications but have also gained added perfection in all the codes that I have written so far.

My coding expertise lies in PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Yii/Yii2, Hugo & HTML5. Furthermore, you may check out my portfolio which is parked at https://arc.dev/imyuvii

In my gigs you will get the creative flair, precision of skills and the timely delivery that you seek for your web projects. And, know that I also cater to after sales services; which mean that if your project needs added expansion or tune-up in the future, I will be here to furnish you with the required build.

My expertise


This is where all it began. Technology that fall me in love with Web Development. I was more of desktop application guy and Java guy. I got oppertunity to work with php back in 2010 as intern. Since than I never look back. So many frameworks and cms I’ve worked.

lambda Laravel Yii Yii2 CodeIgniter PHP7 Php5 Phpunit Composer MVC Selenium Laravel Dusk Chrome WebDriver Restful API Soap API


Addictive framework. Recently I’ve developed a solution using Laravel, which manages infinite WooCommerce portals using single admin panel. Admin can manage orders, customers and products of the any WooCommerce store. Products, customers and orders are synced using the woocommerce webhooks.

Dusk Scheduler Migration MySQL PostGreSQL API Dashboard


Though I have experience with several backend languages, I always find myself returning to JavaScript on Node. With a dynamic, declarative language, many frameworks and tools, and a vibrant ecosystem with a strong package manager, it may just be the perfect all-purpose server platform. I am intimately familiar with the platform and its quirks and thoroughly enjoy writing tools for its ecosystem.

Sails.js ExpressJS Jade Npm Npm packages EmbeddedJS

Frontend Frameworks (Vue and React)

JavaScript technology has changed very rapidly in last few years. I used to write lot of jQuery to get small chunks of data, I cannot imagine building entire application using jQuery. With JavaScript based framework like Vue, React and Agular it’s possible to build entire application on JavaScript based Frontend.

vue react vuecli realtime chat pwa electron

SQL Databases (MySQL, AWS Redshift and PostgreSQL)

Known as Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), This is where most of the developer start learning about storing data. It uses SQL (Standard Query Language) to access the database.

RDBMS SQL Data Warehouse AWS Redshift

NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, DynamoDB and Firestore)

When you say NoSQL Databases, It means Non-relational database. Very simple JSON based structure which is easy to understand.

MongoDB DynamoDB Firestore


WordPress core is amazing, I loved it. It changed the way PHP has been used all of these years. It has used all of the PHP potentials and turned into beautiful user friendly CMS. WordPress core will amazed you as a developer. I literally feared when WordPress introduced. I thought there will be no need of a developer to built a website, anyone can built their own website using WordPress. Instead, WordPress has created lots of oppertunities for developers. Like creatign themes, plugins and various integrations.

customization themes plugin development hosting debugging multi-site performance optimization


My First encounter with MVC. Framework that made me fall in love with PHP and MVC structure, There is no better use of MVC than Yii has done. It allows you to focus on features of your application withot worriying about architecture, file structure and technology. It makes devs life easy.

Hosting Extension Development Reverse Engineering Cron Jobs Scraping Migration Yii Yii2 PHP Apache CentOS Ubuntu


Initially I hate to do HTML but slowly I had to adopted it because their is no other alternate. Introduction of bootstrap into my career changed my life completely. I believe there is nothing you cannot achieve with Bootstrap. It allows you to focus on User Interface without worrying about css.

bootstrap html css html5 css3


Without any doubt JavaScript is my favorite scripting language. It allows you to code the way you like. You do not have to follow any structore or methodology to code using JavaScript. You make your own structure and go for it. Though, These days you have plenty of framework to work using JavaScript.

jQuery jQueryUI ajax react angular Jade


I love Git. I worked in SVN before and Git blew my mind with its capabilities and the workflows it supports. I have a lot of experience helping product teams set up complex workflows in Git, involving various branching strategies, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. Reach out if you’d like some help grokking workflows in Git, getting set up with the right processes, or understanding how to accomplish a particular task. I’d love to help!

Deploy Deployment automation Continuous integration Continuous deployment Github Gitlab

Amazon Web Services

It is my infrastructure solution of choice, providing relatively low-cost pay-as-you-go services at competitive price. I love AWS so much that I’ve started persuing AWS Certification, Soon I’ll be AWS Certified solution architect.

lambda s3 redshift rds ec2 route53

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